Modular Substations

Trafo Power Solutions supplies custom-built modular substations to meet a range of customer needs. These could be housed in a standard 20‑foot or 40‑foot shipping container or constructed as a customised E-house.

These solutions provide a streamlined, reliable and cost effective alternative to building electrical infrastructure on site, especially in remote and inaccessible locations. They reduce the need for costly civil works or professionals on site, and allow assembly to be conducted under ideal workshop conditions before shipping to site. Testing can also be done without the logistics and expense of experts travelling to site.

Where the application allows, once-used shipping containers provide a simple and cost effective option. The structures are low-cost and easily available, and are already fit for road and sea travel. Enhanced with flooring and lighting, they can be fitted with the necessary componentry and tested in the workshop before delivery. Once on site, they can be quickly connected and commissioned.

A customised E-house allows for larger applications where more space for equipment is required, and these can be customised and built to specification. Taking a modular approach, we can develop solutions that fit together on site while still being practical to lift, transport and install.

Our modular substations can accommodate any of the equipment usually associated with conventional substations. This includes dry-type or cast resin transformers, low voltage (LV) or medium voltage (MW) switchgear and control and automation equipment.