The Ins and Outs of Transformer Losses

The losses of a transformer comprise two parts – no-load (or core) losses and load (or copper) losses. No-load losses are a constant and are independent of the power being drawn while load losses vary according to the power being draw.

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3150 kVA cast resin dry-type transformer supplied by Trafo Power Solutions for indoor application.

Trafo Mini-subs & Dry-type Transformers to Motor Plant

An important expansion to South Africa’s automotive industry is benefiting from the installation of 10 dry-type transformers and two mini-substations supplied by Trafo Power Solutions. Working closely with its customer to finalise the design specifications, as well as with manufacturing partner TMC Transformers in Italy, the company was able to meet the tight turnaround times.

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With an application in the food and beverage sector, dry-type transformers are considered ideal.

Dairy Expansion Uses Dry-type Transformers From Trafo

Trafo Power Solutions has assisted a large dairy producer in a recent expansion, supplying five dry-type distribution transformers to its facilities in a coastal region of South Africa. The project required Trafo Power Solutions to design, manufacture, test, deliver and install the five tonne units, as well as to assist with commissioning on site.

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A 3,000kVA transformers has been supplied by Trafo Power Solutions to a gold mine in Kyrgyzstan.

Sub-Zero, High-Altitude Challenge for Trafo Transformer

In one of its latest achievements, Johannesburg-based Trafo Power Solutions has designed and supplied a dry-type transformer to a gold mine expansion project in Kyrgyzstan where the custom-engineered unit will function at minus 40⁰C temperatures at an altitude comparable to Everest’s base camp.

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