About Us

Established to cater for the scope and growing appetite for the application of dry-type transformers, including either cast resin or VPI technology, in Africa, Trafo Power Solutions has firmly entrenched itself, and is recognised, as the supplier of choice across the continent. The company is led by David Claassen who has more than 15 years’ electrical engineering experience.

The company’s power solutions, with an already established solid footprint in Africa, are suitable across a wide range of industries.

Through its strategic partnership with leading Italy-based manufacturer TMC Transformers, Trafo Power Solutions has access to a broad range of high-quality cast resin transformers from 50kVA to 25MVA with system voltages up to 52kV with Class F or Class H insulation systems. These transformers are manufactured under stringent quality control conditions at TMC Transformer’s ISO certified facility in Italy.

Among the recognised advantages of dry-type transformers, including either cast resin or VPI technology, is that it is safer and offers reduced energy consumption. These units can easily be installed indoors, in basements or in other confined spaces. Categorised as F1 in terms of international fire resistance ratings, dry-type transformers are self-extinguishing and flame-retardant, making them low risk.

Notably dry-type distribution transformers are fast becoming a more suitable alternative to oil transformers, especially in the distribution power range between 50kVA size and 10MVA.

Demands from industry following the company’s solutions focused approach driven by customer specific needs and project application requirements, Trafo Power Solutions broadened its power solutions to include custom-designed and locally manufactured mini substations as well as modular substations for underground and surface mining applications, including temperature protection, surge protection, cooling, ventilation and earth fault protection.