Dry-Type Transformers

Trafo Power Solutions is a specialist in the design, engineering and supply of dry-type transformers, including either cast resin or VPI technology, for a wide variety of applications across Africa.

From standard two winding transformers to complex multi-winding transformers for variable speed drive applications including 12 pulse, 18 pulse and up to 36 pulse.

Our transformers are commonly available in sizes from 50kVa to 25MVA. These transformers can be custom-designed for any voltages up to 52kV on primary or secondary, and to any specified vector group for step-up or step-down applications.

The transformer enclosures or housings are available from IP21 to IP68. We also supply specially designed enclosures for seismic conditions and other shocks, as well as for marine applications.

A range of cooling options is available, including open circuit cooling (AN, AF AND AN/AF) and closed circuit cooling (AFAF). We also offer a water-cooled (AFAW) option, an air-to-water heat exchanger and transformers with a water-cooled (WF) method with direct or indirect water cooling using de-ionized water.

Our transformers are designed, tested and certified to comply with the IEC’s stringent environmental, climatic and flammability standards E3, C3 and F1. Designed to environmental Class E3 means they are resistant to heavy pollution, frequent condensation and 95% humidity. Climatic Class C3 allows our transformers to withstand thermal shock down to -25°C. Fire behaviour Class F1 means they are resistant to flammability, are flame-retardant and generate no harmful emissions.

All our dry-type transformers, including cast resin or VPI technology, are tested according to the IEC 60076-11 international standard. This is done in-house at the modern facilities of our strategic partner TMC Transformers in Italy, and includes routine testing, type testing and special tests.