Infrastructure & Built Environment

The versatility and safety of dry-type transformers, including either cast resin or VPI technology, allows them to be applied in a range of applications throughout the infrastructure sector as well as in the built environment.

Dry-type transformers are used across major civils projects such as water and wastewater treatment facilities, electrical utilities and transportation networks including airports, harbours and rail as well as in construction projects including shopping centres, office developments, healthcare facilities, low cost housing developments and high rise residential complexes. Dry-type transformer technology allows for safe operation indoors and these transformers can withstand harsh outdoor conditions including water and dust. Enclosures or housings are designed to meet the highest levels of ingress protection.

Dry-type transformers are used in powering communication systems, trams and metro trains, as well as in battery power storage facilities to support power networks. They are also used in charging facilities for electric transport systems.