Miniature Substations

Trafo Power Solutions offers custom-designed solutions for dry-type miniature substations to meet customers’ exacting requirements. This includes any variation of medium voltage (MV) and low voltage (LV) needs and specific switchgear as well as customised control and protection options.

We supply a range of miniature substations from 200kVA to 1600kVA. These would range from 3,3kV to 33kV on the medium voltage (MV) side, and from 400V to 1000V on the low voltage (LV) side.

The two basic categories of design would be for standard utility or commercial building applications, and for mining applications, both surface and underground.

The units are available in a naturally ventilated (AN) design or forced ventilation (AF) using extraction fans or air-to-air heat exchangers. These dry-type miniature substations are rated up to IP65 ingress protection.