Dry-type transformers, including either cast resin or VPI technology are used extensively in the rail sector across Africa, in applications that include high voltage (HV) track-side supply and low voltage (LV) auxiliary on-board power supply. They are also suitable for specific traction duty cycles, and are used in a mounted position on the underside of rolling stock.

We supply a wide choice of enclosures depending on the customer’s specific requirement and application, and these are designed for optimum ingress protection meeting all the specifications. This ensures that the transformers are isolated from rain, other water ingress and brake dust, while still being adequately cooled. Robustly designed, they are tested for long term traction shock and vibration.

Dry-type transformers are used in powering communication systems, trams and metro trains, as well as in battery power storage facilities to support power networks. They are also used in charging facilities for electric transport systems.